Any office plans yet? And what do you think about AI?

A month after our doors officially opened at Delphi and we launch our website today – and we could not be happier!

To say the last four weeks has passed in a blur would be a heinous understatement – we have planned; we have pitched; we have pivoted – and we have had a hell of a lot of fun doing it all!

For our clients we are all about getting to the right answer quickly and then rolling up our sleeves to make it happen – a promise that we could have made our internal mantra for month one too! It has been a lesson in agile decision-making, operating at pace and getting it done, something that is reminiscent of when the three of us first started working together in 2011.

And we are learning every day from the lessons of others! So many brilliant people in our networks – who have been there and done it by starting their own business – have been incredibly generous with their time and experience, and we are beyond grateful for that! And equally the opportunity to partner with agencies and teams we have long admired, and work alongside them, is incredibly exciting!

It still feels like very (very!) early days, and we keep reminding ourselves that we are just four weeks in, but already we are being given the opportunity to deliver comms as a competitive advantage in such a variety of ways.

From brand positioning for start-up brands to repositioning established brands, through to CEO and comms team coaching, and the development of creative and thought leadership campaigns…our passion for building reputation capital that enables companies to win is being matched by the industry, and we hope for so much more to come.

No office plans as yet – which is the number one question we have been asked in the first four weeks by the way (closely followed by what do we think about AI) ? But we are making excellent use of our kitchens, and of the many gorgeous co-working spaces in London.

So that’s us…four weeks in with a live website… a little wiser about what to expect but with a lot more to learn; a lot more firsts to come and even more raring to go!



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